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1.As the author, you are paid to think. Associate gives you the connection to your staff to off-load what you have been having to remember to tell them or write down in an email or a note.

Associate lets you verbalize and send to your staff your comments, ideas, calendar  events and dictations at the point of thought and frees you from having to remember what it was you were wanting to say in an email after being interrupted.

Time Savings:

Think of all the time you spend managing your work once created and delegated to others to complete. How often are you looking for emails, calling and leaving voice mails, setting and holding meetings to see what the status of the work is or even if it was received ! … is it stuck in junk mail….or has it been listened to…what is the status of the team on the project, where did it go to and why ? 

These are the new inefficiencies of modern day work flow and tools.

Associate resolves this problem by incorporating its own integrated communication system and workflow we call it Dynamic Reporting. Dynamic reporting keeps you informed and provides full visibility of the work as it moves through the organization.

Treating each item as an individual job, Associate establishes a conduit attached only to that job allowing both the system and the staff to update necessary changes such as pending, complete or on hold it allows your staff to input additional information such as “sent to billing”, motion to dismiss was filed docket # 123d d” which is viewable by the author anytime without having to hunt through emails or rely on email systems. This reporting systems will work even if the BlackBerry system is not.

Once the job has been initiated, the only time the author needs to be involved is to think and make additional strategic decisions based on changes observed through Dynamic Reporting.

Finally, a word about etiquette: We all know that it is important to be polite, which causes virtual water cooler conversations… how’s the weather, how’s the family and so on. Associate allows you to communicate effectively and politely without getting stuck in the time wasting etiquette conversations phone calls require. To communicate your thoughts and needs now simply Think, speak send observe.

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