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Day in a life of a professional

     "Great last meeting, I have to remember,.... no I don't "


Associate record:

     "This is the follow-up from the Jackson meeting, action items are as follows: set another appointment for next Tuesday at 2PM, send out the meeting follow up letter with the following points:
1. I will meet them in their office next Tuesday at 2 as planned,
2. I need to update the presentation for next Tuesday with the new hardware requirements,
3. I'll need to complete the proposal and have it with me. No changes just polished up, have Jake take care of the proposal for me and have it to me by Friday at 3 for my review,
4. I will be on the road, have it sent hard copy to my hotel
5. Update the customer record to show that Jim likes to fish,
I will be checking the file status, if you need me"

Stop record, select meeting follow-up for work type. Send. Done.


Now I can focus on the meeting in 20 minutes with our new client.


Ahh... there is the receptionist.

      "Hi, I am here to see Sally, please tell her that Frank is here for our 4 pm meeting, I'm early so is it ok if I wait over here?"


With the touch of a button I access the Dynamic Report and see that my staff is already working on the last set of requirements from Associate and that there is nothing further I need to do so I relax and start to prepare to meet with our new customer mind free of everything else.

      "Hi Sally, since we are going to be discussing details of a build out for your companies’ technology integration, do you mind if I record the meeting for future use to make sure we get all the details?"

      " Great"


 Associate meeting Record....


      "Oh that is my new communication system that lets me run my company, record my thoughts and even this meeting so that later I can play it back step by step and make sure I cover all the details. Using Associate I am able focus on this meeting because I am no longer trying to remember what I need to do or write down notes, as you see we are speaking a lot faster than I can write and it would change my focus from what was said that I need to capture to what can I do to contribute."

      " ......Thanks Sally, oh, you would like a copy of the recording, sure would you like it after clean up or as is?"

Of course she wants to see the meeting notes, now she can also move on with her day without having to try to remember the details of meeting.

      "Great, I'll have it transcribed for both of us and you will see all the action points on the new project plan. Thanks for meeting with me today."

I get in the car and leave checking the upload status of the meeting and seeing that my team is already working to transcribe it so I don't have to. I can also see on my colander the appointment set for next meeting on Tues at 2 pm and looking at my email I see the draft of the letter for my approval.

I check the private line and see that not one of my team members is having trouble at this time so I go on to the next call.... GPS system take me to this address.



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