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Day in a life of a law professional

      " Case #33441, Plaintiff allegedly fell on stairs that were not visible on cruse ship, broken back resulted from fall. Hmm, I better request discovery of the ship next time it is in port"

Associate, record:

     " Lauren, check to see when the big Yellow Checkered ship known as taxi is in port next and where it will be and schedule a trip for me to see it, also send proper notice as needed to gain access"

Select work type, case work request, Case # 33441.


 Laurens computer lights up with notice of the new request, opens the file and the case file pops open ready for entry and work.

I go on to record case notes for the file, Associate record, .......... Associate stop and select work type case notes, case # 33441

      " Hi, yes I am on my way to the Ship to do a walk through, should be there in an hour depending on traffic. Thanks"

Now, time to think what do I need, need to subpoena the ship mate wait…

Associate, record:

      " Case 33441, walk through of ship, noticing that the light at the angle my client was approaching the stairs does create a flat light that masks the stairs"

Associate Stop, switch to the camera and take pictures for proof and file.

Associate Record:

      "  Note just took 5 pictures of proof of lighting. As I continue to walk I notice there are no signs or warnings and the handrail is missing"

Associate Stop, Select work type accident site review, description case # 33441.


      " Hi, my name is Richard, can I ask you a few questions is it ok to record the conversation, No? "

 Associate stop

     "  Thank you for your time"

Associate record

      "Post interview notes with shipmate, ……."

 Associate stop, select work type interview notes, description Case ID# 33441


Driving back to the office I use the time to plan next steps, need to subpoena.

Associate record,

      "Next steps, Lauren pull up the list of witnesses and lets start to ……."

Associate stop, Work type Case strategy, description Case # ID 33441.


Associate Record:

      " Schedule a deposition for the following and since you have my calendar when I am not in court, place them in the diary for me. Also as this case appears to be growing, set the Case id Default on Associate for default so we can use the description line for something else Let me know if there is anything you need from me. "

Associate stop, Work type case work, Description Case # ID 33441

Checking the dynamic report I quickly see that the team is working on everything and I am not needed for anything so I continue to drive back to the office.

      " You need to see me Lauren?"

      " Yes, I need to inform you I will be leaving the end of the month for a better opportunity and wanted to give you time to transition to another staff member. "

      " I understand, thanks for the time and good luck, ….. "

Lauren is the best what am I going to do.. it will take time to get others up to speed….seems like this is a good time to try the professional Voice Recognition services of Associate for law and maybe that and the workflow automation will help me transition easier.

      " PortNexus, I would like to add the Voice Recognition for lawyers to my account file as of today…. Free for 30 days, great I’ll try it out starting today."

      " Bye Lauren it was sure good working with you and thanks for helping Maria come up to speed…. "

Yes the voice recognition does reduce the typing and the workflow automation did help the transfer of knowledge to take place.

Going back to my office, I sit at the desk and ;pick up the microphone to begin recording on the computer my review of the case notes and pictures of the walk through…..Associate, Record, ….Associate Stop, Work type case notes, ..send.,,,

Maria's computer lights up, case file pops open for note entry, she begins to read what I said (as the Voice Recognition works well, listening to the tape while she reads, she makes a couple of corrections, accepts the changes, and completes the tape, attaching the document. Done.

Home and now I remember something very important to do for the case, shoot, left the computer and the BlackBerry at the office….if only I could use the Phone to reach Associate then I truly would have….. maybe I should check with Steve,

      "Are you kidding me! Next month I will be able to reach my Associate account from any phone in the world….now I can work on the boat, reach my office day or night even from Turkey and see that my work is getting done."

Associate truly is the system that ensures my work and requests are getting communicated and lets me see the status anytime and lets me work anywhere in the world from any device. Computer, Handheld Pocket Pc Phone Black Berry and now even Phone Booths !


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